Services offered at Sheeley Service Inc.

  • Bulk CO2
  • Beer Line Cleaning
    Sheeley Service provides cleaning of beer lines and beverage systems. Foamy draft beer can be caused by the build up of bacteria, yeast, mold, and beer stones within a beer line. Un-clean beer lines lower the quality and taste of beer. It is important to regularly clean beer lines, faucets, and keg couplers to ensure the dispense of high quality beer.
  • Beverage Gas Cylinders
    Sheeley Service provides Beverage Gas Supplies for hospitality, sports and entertainment clients to provide beverage gases to ensure that their beverage systems operate efficiently, saving time and money, and minimizing waste.
    • CO2 Gas MSDS
      Sheeley Service provides CO2 Gas
    • Nitrogen Gas
    • Sheeley Service provides Nitrogen Gas
    • Blends of Gas for Different Beers
    • Sheeley Service provides Blends of Gas for Different Beers
      60/40 Beer Blend
      75/25 for Guinness Beer
  • Helium Gas
    Sheeley Service provides Helium gas to Florists and Grocery Stores throughout Southeastern Wisconsin
    • Gas Cylinder Covers
      Sheeley Service provides now provides two new styles and six colors of cylinder covers. Brighten up your unsightly steel cylinders with a clean fresh look, made from a washable material, in colors that will blend with your retail environment. Cylinder covers are available in Blue, Red, Purple, Black, Green, and Tan. Our covers also come in two smart styles which will both fit your 200-300cf steel cylinders. The standard style has a front 8x8 pocket to hold balloons or accessories. Our new style has a small, clear protective pocket which can be used to solve a common problem by inserting a business card from your helium supplier so store personnel will always know who to call for refills. They also feature a Velcro tab that can be adjusted to reveal whether the tank is IN USE or EMPTY.
    • Helium Balloon Inflators
      Need To fill up those balloons? Sheeley Service will provide a helium balloon inflator to fit your exact need.